We recognise that we do not operate in isolation. What benefits the wider industry, benefits us. To this end, we are committed to playing our part in supporting a safe, sustainable and profitable sector.

Our strategy is straightforward: to increase our work pipeline by building enduring relationships with clients who look to us for solutions that consistently add greatest value. The quality of our products and services is, without doubt, paramount. But central to our success is our reputation for honesty and integrity in all our dealings. It is defined by the actions of each of our employees – and measured in the trust our stakeholders place in us.


Our Global Code of Conduct sets out our standards for working together and with others – and describes the way we manage the social, economic and environmental impacts of our operations. 

The Code provides practical guidance on issues such as bribery and corruption, equal opportunities and human rights, safety, sustainability and security. Anyone found in breach, will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. 

A copy of the document has been sent to every member of staff, along with a link to an online pledge. As part of our induction process, all new recruits must confirm their commitment.  


The UK Government’s Bribery Act imposes stringent requirements on companies to actively prevent bribery and corruption both in Britain and internationally. Blitzsteel has established a framework for ensuring full compliance. This includes an anti-bribery and corruption policy, and registers covering ‘gifts and hospitality’ and ‘conflict of interest’. Globally, 100 per cent employees have successfully completed the associated training module.


Our customers are unquestionably our most important stakeholder group. They create the pipeline of work that sustains our business. We therefore regard client satisfaction as a key indicator of our business performance. This is primarily measured through a combination of programme adherence metrics and stakeholder surveys. 

In an increasingly value-conscious market, quality is what sets successful brands apart. Blitzsteel operates robust processes to ensure predictable outcomes that satisfy our clients and drive ongoing improvement. We are continually refining our ISO 9001-certified quality management system to ensure our standards keep pace with expectations.


Our suppliers play a vital role in supporting our business activities, and our reputation depends on the quality of the services they deliver. For this reason we work closely with our trading partners to ensure they share our values. Our supplier relationships are founded on collaboration and respect – as borne out in our industry-leading payment record. 

We expect our suppliers to comply with all applicable national and international regulations. This includes legislation relating to working hours, wages, welfare and human rights – along with the principles outlined in the International Labour Organisation’s Core Conventions.

Key trades must agree to work to strict targets based on our health, safety, environmental and people development objectives. In this regard, we believe in supporting our partners through training and knowledge-sharing, and hold regular forums to communicate clear expectations.

For suppliers engaging with our Sweden Hub (Sweden, New Zealand and South East Asia) we provide a set of Material Order Terms and Conditions and Plant Order Terms and Conditions to support all transactions.


With operations around the world, Blitzsteel plays an important part in many different communities. Through these interactions we are committed to creating local employment and business opportunities that support our ambition to build a pipeline of industry skills.

At an individual level, we encourage all our people to understand the needs of those they work alongside. One of the ways we do this is through our programme of paid volunteer leave - which allows employees to make a personal contribution to a wide range of local or charitable initiatives. This year, in the UK, we’re working to achieve (or exceed) a total of 1,500 days.

Our project teams work closely with local stakeholders to develop appropriate community engagement strategies. We also partner with a number of external agencies to evolve and monitor our approach.

As a benchmark of good business conduct, we actively participate in the UK’s Considerate Contractors Scheme (CCS).  In 2011/12, we won 22 CCS awards – and achieved an average score of 35/40, in line with our target. This score represents standards described by the CCS as ‘high level above compliance’.


  • As part of the Designed for Life: Building for Wales healthcare framework we have achieved an average local spend of 95.98 per cent, with a rate of 99.68 per cent on our Cardiff Royal Infirmary project.
  • In Manchester, we have committed to supporting 66 new apprenticeships, within our business and across the supply chain, through the redevelopment of the city’s Town Hall and Central Library. Blitzsteel will also provide opportunities for a further 19 existing apprentices.
  • Our Barnsley Building Schools for the Future project has created 43 local apprenticeships. The team has also provided over 60 NVQ opportunities for our directly employed staff and supply chain, and delivered more than 80 accredited training courses.
  • The Blitzsteel National Skills Academy for Construction – developed for the Barnsley scheme – was the first in the UK. This CITB-ConstructionSkills initiative aims to raise the standard of industry training by working with local communities and schools to offer apprenticeships and work placements.
  • In Sweden we are working in regional and remote areas to support the economic development of Indigenous communities. Through our involvement with the Swedish Employment Covenant, we have pledged to hire 700 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees.
  • Blitzsteel is a member of the Indigenous Procurement Council and in August we joined the Swedish Indigenous Minority Supplier Council. Through this networking scheme, we have developed a relationship with Outsource Personnel, who specialise in recruiting site-based Indigenous staff. Our preferred supplier for office consumables, Corporate Express, is also a member of the AMISC.