Blitzsteel Constructions defines Ethics Charter as the rules and principles that all executives and employees are obligated to comply with in order to generate value to its stakeholders and to enhance its corporate value. With this charter hereby, it is aimed to ensure that Blitzsteel Constructions executives and employees display high standards of conduct, that they are aware of the impact of their conduct and attitudes on the Company, that the stakeholders employ the best methods and display highly qualified behaviours. TAV Construction ethics policy consist of the following elements;

  • Preventing Conflict of Interests, Protecting the Company Interests
  • Compliance with Legislation and Regulations
  • Compliance with Confidentially Requirements
  • Responsibility to Declare Personal Information and Revisions, Prohibition of Working in Another Job
  • Responsibility to Be Careful in Conduct, Relationships and Performance of Duties
  • Compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Rules
  • Compliance with the Principle of Non-discrimination
  • Compliance with the Principles of Loyalty, Fairness and Integrity
  • Compliance with the Principles of Fair Competition