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1. It takes me some time before I actually get down to work.Read the statement and indicate whether you agree or disagree with it.
2. I don't hesitate when making decisions.Please indicate to which extent you agree or disagree with the following statement.
3. Rules are made to be broken.Read the statement and indicate whether you agree or disagree with it.
4. I am the kind of worker who:Read the statement and indicate make a decision
5. Can you allow your Team Lead to take credit for your hardwork?Read the statement and indicate Yes or No
6. Can you influence people to your required outcome?Read the statement and indicate Yes or No
7. Describe a situation when you had to make a decision out of your authority level. How did it go?
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8. How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations?
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9. What area of your skills do you want to improve?
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10. This organization is different from your current employer. How do you think you will fit in and why?
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Practical Analysis
1. How do you handle Budget Planning?
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2. How big was the last team you worked with and what problems did you face?
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3. Have you ever negotiated contracts with vendors? What’s your most effective approach?
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4. How do you handle logistics management?
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5. How do you manage 1:1 employee meetings?
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I micro-manage.
I am ambitious.
Which is more important to you, the job itself or your salary?
Why should we hire you over other applicants?
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